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  • 756
    Are fitted with our equipment
  • 2500
    Of installed equipment
  • 3500000
    Are sounded by our systems
  • 850000
    Is the total power on the largest facility
  • 371000
    Is the audience that the stadiums equipped by us can accommodate

Released projects

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Gazprom Arena Logo image
Location: St Petersburg, Krestovsky Island
The capacity: 64 468 places

One of the largest and technically challenging projects was to completely equip the football stadium in St Petersburg with a sound-reinforcement system. The great height – from the lower ring of the dome to the field covering 65 meters, retractable roof which imposes strict restrictions on placing sound system, lots of requirements of FIFA2018 Rules and many other difficulties our team coped successfully with and wired for sound one of the largest stadiums in Russia.

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Sovremennik Theatre Logo image
Location: Moscow

One of the most famous group of Sovremennik Theatre returned to its home scene in December 2018. We are talking about the former Kolizey cinema building at Chistye Prudy metro station which had been under major renovation for more than 2 years. The equipment of all technical services in the theatre was completely replaced, including the whole sound reinforcement system of the hall, the stage and the control room.

Slide image
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium Logo image
Location: Nizhnij Novgorod
The capacity: 43 319 places

Our company signed a contract for design and equipment of the stadium “Nizhniy Novgorod Arena” by FIFA2018 Championship in March 2017. Organization of sound-reinforcement system of the arena, tribunes and adjacent facilities, full equipping of media-centers, conference halls and control rooms, accessibility of hearing and visually impaired – is only a quick overview of our work performed on the project.

Slide image
Seminary of diocese of Russian orthodox church (Moscow patriarchate) in Nizhniy Novgorod Logo image
Location: Nizhnij Novgorod

The acoustic feature of churches is the necessity to achieve clear audibility of choir, located largely at the choir loft or solium, as well as of churchmen’s voices from the Altar, Solea and church area. Moreover echo effect should be avoided and visitors should hear clearly all words spoken. An extensive experience of installations in churches and cathedrals allows us to ensure ideal sound in the whole premises.

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Park Zaryadye Logo image
Location: Moscow

It is impossible to imagine any modern park now without background sound. Specific features of such sites are large areas, considerable distance between the sources of sound, the possibility of echo effect and difficult climatic conditions. All this requires diligent engineering and precise calculations, performed by our experts with excellent quality.


Our projects will offer you ingenious and optimal technical solutions of any size and complexity.

Today our company can offer you a full range of system integrator services.

System integrator

  • Sports facility


    Sports facility

    • 37
    • 14 dealers
    • 35 brands

    All rooms are different, but in any room you can make a great sound, which will be the key to a successful event. We can make the right sound.

    Auditorium, stage, monitoring of artists, back-line, warning system.

  • Concert halls


    Concert halls

    • 297
    • 112 dealers
    • 33 brands

    All rooms are different, but in any room you can make a great sound, which will be the key to a successful event. We can make the right sound.

     Auditorium, stage, monitoring of artists, back-line, warning system.

  • Theatres



    • 43
    • 22 dealers
    • 31 brands

    Modern theater is a complex system where sound plays one of the main roles.
    We carefully approach the choice of a solution for each specific theater. 

    Main stage, auditorium, lobby, rehearsal rooms, studios.

  • Restaurants and clubs


    Restaurants and clubs

    • 560
    • 297 dealers
    • 34 brands

    Music helps to create an exclusive atmosphere, which is the key to the attractiveness of the institution. We will help you choose equipment to equip any area, even within a limited budget.

    Stage and hall, back-line, street terraces, background sound, warning system.

  • Shopping centers


    Shopping centers

    • 92
    • 21 dealers
    • 16 brands

    A feature of installations in the shopping center is the selection of equipment that fits perfectly into the interior and at the same time meets all the requirements of a security system. We offer a wide range of such solutions.

    Background sound, warning system, mobile kits.

  • Religious institutions


    Religious institutions

    • 21
    • dealers
    • 21 brands

    The main thing when equipping temples is a distinct audibility at all points of the room and the absence of an echo effect that arises due to architectural features. We know how to achieve the desired result.

    The sound system of the temple, the sound of choirs, surrounding areas, seminar rooms.

  • Television and radio


    Television and radio

    • 44
    • dealers
    • 18 brands

    Information should be presented clearly and legibly, and modern cinema is impossible without an amazing multi-channel sound. And this is also our work. We offer a wide range of equipment that meets all modern requirements.

    Filming pavilions, studios, radio prompters, internal communication systems.

  • Educational institution


    Educational institution

    • 149
    • 106 dealers
    • 25 brands

    Modern technologies and advanced equipment improve learning outcomes, increase the quality of material presentation and interest in the educational process. Our experts will select equipment for any task.

    Conference and assembly halls, lecture halls, equipment for distance learning.

  • Transport infrastructure


    Transport infrastructure

    • 9
    • dealers
    • 16 brands

    The sound systems of the transport infrastructure have increased requirements, because warning system is a mandatory component of any security system. Our experts are able to work with such requests.

    Background sound, warning systems, priority management, integration into a common security system.

  • Leisure parks


    Leisure parks

    • 18
    • dealers
    • 18 brands

    Large areas, significant distances between sound sources and difficult climatic conditions. All this requires painstaking design and accurate calculations, which our experts produce with consistent quality.

    Background sound, mobile kit, street scenes, tour guide systems.

Range of services

Services image
  • 0.1

    Full consultation before signing the agreement

  • 0.2

    Preliminary research of technical condition of your object

  • 0.3

    Technical specification development

  • 0.4

    Technical project development and its technical and economic study

  • 0.5

    Project presentation to shareholders and investors as well as a proof of project to credit and financial organizations

  • 0.6

    Purchase and delivery of equipment within contract terms, stated in the contract, including custom manufacturing

  • 0.7

    Mounting and installation of equipment according to the schedule convenient for the client, allowing not to interrupt any work

  • 0.8

    Staff training

  • 0.9

    Warranty, service and preventive maintenance

  • 1.0

    Complete set of documentation on the project – schemes, descriptions, instructions

A highly skilled team of professionals

Our company has gathered highly qualified professionals of the industry, having a wealth of experience and a portfolio of successful projects. Our engineers and managers constantly upgrade their skills, attend seminars of leading manufacturers of professional audio equipment, participate in professional conferences and publish articles in specialized editions.

  • 24/7
    Technical support

    Professional consulting on selection, setting and usage of professional sound equipment.

  • 22
    Exclusive Brands

    A wide range of exclusive products will help to make your project unique and special.

  • Personalized discounts

    Flexible pricing policy and special conditions scheme will help you to gain maximum benefit from your business.

  • SRO for the projects

    We provide a full set of necessary documents for the projects, created with the direct involvement of our specialists.

Project application



We offer precise and careful warranty and service maintenance

Audioproject Company is complying with the requirements of existing Russian legislation. All supplied equipment is certified.

All devices are accompanied by official warranty commitments of manufacturing company: while making a purchase you receive a special warranty certificate, operating over specified period. Warranty repair is performed only in authorized service centers using only original spare parts.

We provide the clients of the project department with personalized service package.

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Latest significant projects


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